St. Anselm's Sr. Sec. School, Ajmer (Raj.)
Year Established: 1904
Affiliated to C.B.S.E. Affiliation No.: 1730002
School Code: 03502
Fee Structure
For The Year (2018-2019)
Class Tuition Fees Tutorial Fees Including Smart Classes & E.R.P Total Fees
L.K.G. To H.K.G. 2400.00 1200.00 3600.00
I To V 2550.00 1300.00 3850.00
VI To VIII 2750.00 1550.00 4300.00
IX To X 2850.00 1550.00 4400.00
XI To XII 3750.00 1850.00 5600

Annual Fees (Once a Year) 1000.00
Bus Optional 1000.00

Admission Fees
Class (At The Time Of Admission Only)
L.K.G. To H.K.G. 15000.00
I to X 15000.00
XI to XII 16000.00

Fee for the Issue of Various Certificates
T.C. 100.00
Duplicate T.C. 500.00
Other Certificates 50.00

Please Note: Parents are encouraged to deposit the fees at the specified Bank by Cheque to save time and for speedy transaction. However, if any cheque is bounced or returned by the bank due to any reason, a penalty of Rupees 150/- will be charged.

CBSE Mandatory Disclosure
May - 2019
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